“not good for people like me”

JY is a 20-year-old African American male. He is currently completing his junior year of college in a suburban town, while coming from a rural background and a lower middle class family. Ultimately, this interview shows that JY’s experience with capitalism has largely been shaped by his race and, by association, his families socioeconomic status. In terms of a historical understanding of capitalism, he knows how racial segregation has shaped capitalism, but he does not generally understand its origins.

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Capitalism Without Corruption?

CM is a 68-year-old white woman living in Virginia. While she was raised in a household poor, she was able to move to a lower middle class position in her adult life. She is college-educated, holding a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Management as well as Applied Behavioral Science. She is currently semi-retired, but working as an assistant/consultant to CEO of a non-profit organization.

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