A Natural Fit

For my first interview I chose to question someone who is similar to myself. TS is a good friend of mine. We have been friends since middle school, and share many experiences and beliefs. TS is a 24 year old middle school teacher. She was raised by her mother who had her at age 19. Given the struggle her family initially had with finances, TS has a positive opinion of capitalism. She sees herself as embodying the “American Dream.” She is a first generation college student and paid her way through college with loans, and various jobs. TS admits to not knowing much about the economy but is a highly active participant in it, she openly refers to herself as a “shopaholic.”

Given the nature of the questions this interview entailed, I thought a good first question would be…

What is the definition of Capitalism?

It is a free market. The government butts-out and the economy runs itself.

How has Capitalism affected you personally?

Well I’m a consumer.  When things go wrong in the economy or the government steps-in, these factors affect the price of products I buy.

What are some alternatives to Capitalism?

There are no alternatives. (Jokingly)  Well I don’t know, I suppose socialism is an alternative. A government run economy. But we all know that doesn’t work.

How do you think social issues are affected by capitalism?

Well, being a teacher, this question immediately brings to mind the issue of education. We should have a capitalistic approach to education. There needs to be less government regulation to allow educators to create a curriculum to fit the needs of the students and society.

How has capitalism affected you?

Capitalism has given me freedom of choice when it comes to my purchases. I think everyone benefits from that freedom.

Has capitalism ever negatively affected you?

Do my loans count? Private loans. Well depending on how many loans hakve been issued my rate goes up and down.

How has capitalism changed over time?

I’m not sure. I think that the government has put more stipulations and boundaries over time and this is messing with the natural flow of things.

Is capitalism a natural fit for human beings?

I think so. It’s the most democratic.

How so?

Because I’m American. (Joking, again)

When asked to elaborate…

People will always want to buy things, and supply and demand makes sense for a world with a growing population and limited resources. Also, like I said earlier, choice is freedom. The only more natural thing I could think of is perhaps the “friend system”. You know, the “I buy for you now, you buy for me later” kind of deal you make with your friends.



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