“There is motivation to make a profit which drives an economy.”


This individual was born in 1966 in New Jersey. Growing up in New Jersey and then moving to Virginia not too long ago gives her a unique sense of the differences between economics between the two areas. She was formerly a special education teacher but now works in a claims department for an automobile company. She is recently divorced and is living on her own and supporting herself with her own income.

“How do you define Capitalism?”

“It has to do with politics and economics. It is an economic system that deals with supply and demand which is driven by private control.” The interviewee

“Do you think Capitalism is beneficial to your life?”

“Yes, because it gives me an opportunity and freedom to create my own business or work for somebody. It gives me the freedom to choose what I want to do. There is motivation to make a profit which drives an economy.”

“How do you think your parents view capitalism in comparison to you?”

“Well my parents grew up in a completely different world than I did but I believe that there was a different capitalistic society. I think that growing up in times of war shaped their views on capitalism. I came from a family of eight siblings so my parents had to support us all and money was very important.”

“What do you think are some positive aspects to capitalism and negative aspects?”

“I think positive aspects of capitalism encourage competition and growth.” With what industries? “With any industry, you can capitalize on anything as long as the desire and drive is there.” What are some negative aspects? “There are social inequalities because of the competition that is created.”

“What do you think of other economic systems other than capitalism?”

“In my view capitalism is the best type of an economic system. Some people believe that capitalism ignores people’s needs and it results in wealth inequality. But that being said I think it is a far better system than socialism and communism”


This interviewee grew up in a completely different generation than the current generations growing up. Social media plays a large role in capitalism and compared to the interviewee’s generation where there was no social media. I believe views of capitalism differ between all generations. 

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